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  • Injection molding machine

    Injection molding machine

    Veichi focus on injection molding machine energy saving for many years, Now we are offering AC61,SF81/91 and SD600 frequency inverter and servo drive for IMM retrofitting. Customer can select it according to application requirement and market demand.

  • The Benefits of using VFDs ( Frequency Inverter)

    The Benefits of using VFDs ( Frequency Inverter)

    Present your benefit of retrofitting with VFDs Consideration for the Environment Notice and Order Form Lower Your Operating Costs with Variable Frequency Drives Improve the Energy Efficiency of Pump Systems

  • Solar pumping inverter application

    Solar pumping inverter application

    The pumping inverter controls and adjusts the system operation and converts the DC produced by solar array into AC to drive the pump, and adjust the output frequency in real-time according to the variation of sunlight intensity to realize the maximum power point tracking( MPPT).